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My Thank-You notes

Last week I traveled to Vegas to attend our annual World Wide Kick-Off, next to the fact that it was an awesome week, I also got to take home a couple of awards. I’ve written this blogpost not to gloat, but because I have to thank a bunch of people as I could not have achieved this without (let’s be honest..) some serious help.  vEXPERT vEXPERT is a VMware program that recognises IT Professionals who are sharing their VMware knowledge and

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Login Techcast

Both myself and Martin Frederik joined Eric van Klaveren and Sander Noordijk from Login Consultants (yes-indeed-my-former-employer) in their webinar called "Login TechCast" to discuss VMworld 2018.

The EUC VMworld sessions you don’t want to miss!

So first things first; there are lots of awesome sessions at VMworld and please check for yourself which EUC sessions you might find interesting. But if you need help picking and choosing the right sessions you can use this “my favourites” list I’ve created for you. Must-go-see There is one absolute must-go-see session and it’s the Showcase Keynote Digital Workspace  Tuesday 6th November, 17:00 – 18:00 Registration Link: The EUC keynote challenge: I am challenging you! snap a selfie at the keynote

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Continuous delivery with Horizon Enterprise

In this second video of the ITQ EUC “lightboards” Johan van Amersfoort and myself we’re getting into maintaining, operating and running Day2 operations on a Horizon Enterprise environment.

The Horizon Enterprise Application Delivery model

I while ago I got asked by VMware partner ITQ to present a couple “lightboard” videos together with Johan van Amersfoort. In this first video we’re explaining what application delivery options are included in VMware Horizon Enterprise.

a VD(I)phone by Samsung

Allright.. settle down the title is just a small joke. Samsung has been kind enough to send over a S8 + DeX station for me to play with. This won’t however be a phone review, because I have to be honest to myself and state that I am not at all an expert in this field. There was a time where I was an early adopter to phone technology and where I was switching phones multiple times a year. It

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