The blog revival: New Directions

Some career news, an explanation on why it has been real quiet on my blog + a new direction for the website.

I’ll try not to be boring..

5 months ago I left my job at Login Consultants,  I had some awesome experiences there and worked with really cool knowledgable people. For those that never heard of Login Consultants; they’re an independent EUC consultancy firm offering both technical and business consulting. See the cool thing is.. and it’s maybe the thing that I’m most grateful for is that my time there helped me find/develop into a role that really interests me; technical pre-sales

As of May 2017 I’m further exploring the wonderful path of technical sales at VMware Netherlands. VMware is a global IT vendor and focusses on; virtualisation, cloud infrastructures and business mobility. Within VMware I’m focussing on end-user computing (no surprise there..) and I’ll be helping customers form end-user computing strategies and inform them about VMware EUC products.

New direction for blog:

So with me exploring a sales role at Login Consultants I got to a point where I stopped posting blog-posts. Mainly because I couldn’t find the time and secondly because I wasn’t finding niche technical stuff anymore because I was no longer doing technical consultancy. So with the new job, new role there is a need for a new blog direction.

Mapping my curiosity

As I’m moving away from the more technical posts I will use this blog to map my curiosity in the way we as a society work with technology. And off course from this point forward I’m biased and there will surely be some VMware related posts. All together it’ll be a mix of written blog posts, links to posts/video’s and other stuff. I understand that with this new approach I will no longer interest all you techie’s that used to never read my blog and I understand that by changing the direction my followers will most likely stay zero.

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