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Session App-V 5.0 @ TechEd by Ment van der Plas

In this session Ment discusses real-life experiences and lessons learned implementing Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 5.0 based on both personal observations as well as by supporting a TAP (Technical Adaption Program) customer who already rolled out in a production environment. This demo-rich session focuses on the key selling points for this customer and why they chose App-V 5.0 over a previous version for their 4000 seat VDI environment. It discusses the impact of migrating to this new platform as well

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Building mandatory profiles – Part three: Windows Libraries

The ultimate guide to building mandatory profiles – Part Three 1.) Browse to: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries 2.) Here you will find the libraries of the user ManProf Documents.library-ms Music.library-ms Pictures.library-ms Videos.library-ms 3.) Open these 4 files in a text editor 4.) In each file there are two GUID’s. One referring to the library and one to the public library. Documents {FDD39AD0-238F-46AF-ADB4-6C85480369C7} = library {ED4824AF-DCE4-45A8-81E2-FC7965083634} = Publiclibrary Music {4BD8D571-6D19-48D3-BE97-422220080E43} = library {3214FAB5-9757-4298-BB61-92A9DEAA44FF} = Publiclibrary Pictures {33E28130-4E1E-4676-835A-98395C3BC3BB} = library {B6EBFB86-6907-413C-9AF7-4FC2ABF07CC5} = Publiclibrary Videos {18989B1D-99B5-455B-841C-AB7C74E4DDFC}

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Building mandatory profiles – Part two: Editing and Cleanup

Goal: Cleanup of files, path’s and other references in the mandatory profile.- I’m creating a mandatory profile to use in an environment where I’m going to use a workspace manager. Therefore my goal is minimize my mandatory profile because I will be managing all the user experience setting out of my workspace manager en GPO’s. If you’re not using a workspace manager you sometimes want to leave certain folders or files.

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Building mandatory profiles – Part one: Initial setup

My lab setup: 1. Referance machine in my case a Windows Server 2008 r2 with XenApp installed on it. Be aware: in case of policies: the setting “delete cached copies of roaming profiles” must be disabled, if you use a referance machine where mandatory profiles are already used you can disable the mandatory profile by disabling the setting: “use mandatory profiles on the RD session host server” 2. Administrator account ( local or domain ) 3. Local account (throughout my lab

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App-V 5 support Flex+

Immidio’s flex+ now supports App-V 5 ! And just like on “How do they do it ?” this video demonstrates the working of Flex+ combined with App-V 5

Flex+ now supports multiple environments

After mentioning it on the Immidio forum that support for multiple environments whould be a nice feature, Immidio now has updated their console so it now supports multiple Flex environments. Why ? especially when you are running DTAP it helps you switch faster and migrate settings from one environment to the other. Check the video to see how it works:

Managing AppV Shortcuts and File Type Associations (FTA)

If you don’t use AppV’s backend management because for example you’re using SCCM 2007, you can only manage FTA’s and shortcuts from within the package. There is however another way, If you’re running AppV 4.6 you can add, two registry keys to manage these items on the client side. This Technet article describes the working of the two new regkeys. < If you are like me and don’t want to mess around with these registry keys, Check the downloads section for my

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