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How to save the volume level of remote sessions with VMware UEM

I while back a customer asked me if I could save the volume level of Citrix XenApp sessions within the VMware UEM profile, “sure I can” I thought. It prove to be a bit more difficult then I thought but in the end I managed to save the settings in the VMware UEM user profile. This is the solution I used: After trying saving lots of registry keys I came to the conclusion that there are no keys to be saved that

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Windows Easter egg

Every now and then I get surprised, and truth be told it doesn’t happen that easily. And when you’re like me and you have been in IT for almost ten years, you will have probably seen it all at some point in time. But when my colleague Rik showed me this easter egg I was positively surprised. First things first: What’s an easter egg ? it is basically a hidden message or hidden feature within computer software next to also being a

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My Favourites: Web Apps

We all like lists right ? Therefore I am starting a new blog series called; My Favourites. And I kick-off with this first post  listing all my favourite Web Apps. Whether you’re a consultant looking for new ways to work or a small business owner looking for tools to support your operation, this post is for you ! Note: not all apps are free although most have a free trial or start-up policy.

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Release: Flex+ Package Automation Machine 2014

Yesterday I released a Flex+ deployment package for Automation Machine 2014. Ideas end feature requests for a 2.0 release are welcome ! You can leave a comment on the automation machine website or send me a respons through the contact form on my blog. Contents: AM2014 template for deploying Immidio Flex+ Options: – FlexEngine – FlexSelfSupport – FlexMigration – FlexManagementConsole Download: You can download the package from the website.

Back to the future, natural scrolling for Windows

 “Either you hate it, or love it” This seems to be the case when discussing reverted scrolling or “natural scrolling”. And I agree, it does seem a little strange to break 25 years of convention. But maybe natural scrolling isn’t all that strange…..What if it only feels like you are taking a step back, but are you really taking a step back into the future.

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List SCVMM allocated IP addresses with PowerShell

I’ve noticed that there is no option to list all assigned ip addresses from a specific IP pool, there is however a command to do this: Get-SCIPAddress | Where {$_.State -eq “Assigned”} | Select Description, Address, AllocatingAddressPool | sort -Property AllocatingAddressPool Special thanks to Craig Taylor on his blog he also explains how to export the listings to a CSV file

Talk: Login Live 2013 – Real world best practices

Last year I got the chance to go and speak at the very technical Login Live, edition: 2013. Together with Mike Bijl I presented a technical deep dive on real world customer scenario’s and best practices you can implement within these scenario’s. This video shows an impression of the event.

Valentinesday 2013, Received a Immidio IVP status

At valentinesday in 2013 I was, together with a group of other Immidio Flex+ experts from The Netherlands, Germany and Austria awarded with a Immidio IVP (Immidio Valued Professionals) status. The status is a reward for our knowledge, our effort in distributing this knowledge and the years of feedback in the innovative process over the years. So at this most romantic day of the year I was joining (yet another) technical deep dive into Fle+ and I was loving (get it ?)

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SCVMM 2012 SP1 Networking Poster

When trying to explain some of SCVMM’s rich networking capabilities to a colleague the other day I stubbled upon this nice poster. Keep in mind it’s already outdated because of the the SCVMM 2012 R2 release, but it’s still nice and it gives a nice overview of the functions.

How to fully manage App-V applications from Immidio Flex+ Without App-V 4.6 management server

When you want to fully manage shortcuts and FTA’s from App-V 4.6 with Immidio Flex there are a few steps to take: 1. Disabling the shortcuts and FTA’s at the client ( this is something you want to because it’s wise to keep your packages original so they can be used elsewhere ) 2. Making sure that you can call out the sfttray.exe /launch command in a unified way on x64 and x86 system architectures, this can be achieved using

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