How to save the volume level of remote sessions with VMware UEM

I while back a customer asked me if I could save the volume level of Citrix XenApp sessions within the VMware UEM profile, “sure I can” I thought. It prove to be a bit more difficult then I thought but in the end I managed to save the settings in the VMware UEM user profile.


This is the solution I used:

After trying saving lots of registry keys I came to the conclusion that there are no keys to be saved that hold the volume level and or mute sound value. After some internet searching I came across this blogpost. Christoph Kolbicz had came to the same conclusion as I had, and he created a little executable which saves the mute setting and the volume level to a registry key upon logoff and sets it back at logon.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound
Volume: the actual volume level. range: 0.000000 to 1.000000
Mute: mute level on or off. value: true or false
ReconnectTimer: this is a hidden setting, where a timer will delay the audio setting restore when a user reconnects to a session (in milliseconds)

By saving the registry key within VMware UEM and importing it at the beginning of the user session (before launch of the volume .exe) the user’s volume and mute settings are saved and restored.

Please let met know if this solutions has worked for you (twitter: @huibdijkstra), or if you have found a way to make it work without the .exe tool from Christoph (the tool uses 1 mb memory per user).

Download volume.exe


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